Appraisals Management

For strengthening the workforce and growing them with the organization, the appraisal should be planned and closely monitored for the betterment of the workforce. With OpenEduCat, schools can manage the appraisal system with maximum benefits. To manage faculty and also improve them in the process is one of the biggest challenges in the workforce environment.

Appraisals Management

Appraisal Management Done Right

Appraisal management might seem pretty obvious, but it includes understanding growth, employee need and their emotions. OpenEduCat Appraisal Management system makes sure that everyone growth is monitored and appraisals are done at the right time.

Evaluation Plans supported

With surveys done, evaluation plans can be created. This plan offers a proper evaluation of the employees with no bias at all. The steps are clear and offer transparency. Furthermore, the teams can add interview forms for better understanding.

Survey before Providing Appraisal

Appraisals can be full of disputes and that's why it is always a better idea to take proper employee survey. It will create a right platform for evaluation purposes and will take the whole organization into account.

Through Testing Supported

Survey creation is only one step, with thorough testing support, the organizations can be one step ahead of better appraisal and surveys.

Survey Creation is Easy and Powerful

To make the process of gathering appraisal information, creating powerful surveys is easy and intuitive. The surveys can be easily created using edit pages and can be used as a template for future survey needs.

Periodic Employee Evaluation

To make the most out of the appraisal system, periodic evaluations are a must. The appraisal management system offers a motivation process through software to deliver appraisal on periodic periods.

Appraisals Management

With OpenEduCat, appraisal plan, schools can create surveys, test them, create plans and finally follow up with the appraisal. All of these without leaving the platform.

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