Application Management

Knowledge is volatile and requires constant effort on the part of the humans to grasp the internals more deeply and articulately. Assignments in school or college are made for the same sole purpose of checking students’ knowledge at regular intervals.

Application Management

Automation For Best Results

Using an automated system to upload, check and reply can completely enhance the approach of assignment based evaluation done by faculty. Assignment Management by OpenEduCat implements the above philosophy and creates the right process between the faculty and the student to regularly assign, check and provide feedback.

Create Assignment and Application with Forms

The basic fields supported by the assignment are Course, Standard, Subject, Division, Faculty, Type and Reviewer. The assignment can easily be assigned to a different reviewer to help improve the overall process. A single assignment comes with basic information that requires three main fields, the issued date, the submission date and the marks allocated for the assignment.

Easy Assignment Creation

Faculty can easily create assignments or import them if needed. A single assignment is composed of many fields and can be entered into the database with the help of a simple form. Creating an assignment takes less than 2 minutes and is mainly constrained to the questions that are entered within the assignment.

Batch Assignment

Assignment can be assigned to the whole class or particular students. The submission tab showcases the submissions that are made by the students for the assignment. The process runs between two entities in the system and makes everything transparent and structured.

Notification System

The student management system also has the option of print Student Id Card, Library Id Card, and Bonafide Certificate. The student management system is a complete solution for the educational institute and is an integral part of the OpenEduCat.When an assignment is created and allocated to a student, the assignment is promptly listed within the dashboard of the student. The student can work on the assignment and submit the assignment before the due date.

Access Assignment Easily

The both-stream process of accessing assignment can really improve the way faculty can keep a track on the progress of the student's learning in the class.

Application Management Feature

The Assignment modules make sure that a student doesn't submit the assignment twice. The student can also import assignment and then submit it to the concerned reviewer or faculty. After evaluation, the student can look at the feedback and improve the results in the future assignment.

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