Accounting Management

Accounting Management

Accounting the backbone of the educational institutes. With tons of information flowing in and out, it is tough for the accounting team to grab every information and produce something structured.

Easy To Use Interface

With OpenEduCat, you don't have to worry about accounting anymore. The accounting team can easily interact with all the available functionalities with an easy to use interface and create an ecosystem of transparency and high reliability.

Cash Transaction Integrated

Educational institutes need to take care of all the cash transactions with the suppliers, students and other forms of stakeholders that are directly or indirectly connected with the school/college.

Easy To use and Calibratable

To make life easier for the educational institute, all the accounting features are made available within the organization. More importantly, each of the functions are easy to use and easily calibratable.

Supports Tons of Features

The main tabs of accounting are Customers, Suppliers, Bank and Cash, Journal Entries, Charts, Periodic Processing, Reporting and Configuration. Each of the section is further divided into their respective sub-tabs, which further include functionalities.

Lots of Customization

The Accounting module of the OpenEduCat is completely customizable and offers deep customization through the configuration tab present within the Accounting module. The Educational institute can easily take care of the financial reports, journals, periods, bank, taxes and any account associated with the school/college.

Comes With Great Documentation

With a detailed documentation, you will never get stuck. OpenEduCat team also works overtime to release new features to the accounting module, fixing bugs and features and releasing updates as soon as possible.

The Open Source tag also helps to keep the platform free from any bugs. The Accounting module makes the life of the accounting team easier and also brings the most comprehensive solution to them -- making them more productive and transparent.

Accounting Management Feature

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