LMS Features

The latest build of OpenEduCat consists of Learning Management System to enable institutes with the ability to offer learning courses online, along with the capacity to deliver it on paid or free basis. Intuitive dashboard makes sure all information is present in one place in most informative and visually stunning way.

LMS Features

An interesting, easy and effective way to evaluate all the participants in a learning system is through the use of quizzes and online exams.

It benefits the students by making learning fun and benefits the instructors by making the process quick and easy.

OpenEduCat LMS allows the instructors to create the quiz as per their need and then make them worth attending by randomizing the questions and options.

This feature ensures that everyone involved in the enrollment process, students and teachers, are aware of the status of the activities being carried out and their progress.

From a long time, forums and online communities have been a part of education system. These systems have enabled the students and the teachers to make learning process better and interesting by enabling free flow of information and improved sharing techniques.

Making the process more fruitful, OpenEduCat LMS provides a series of blog posts that can aid the students in automated learning.

This comes as a no surprise that students usually prefer having access to learning material and tools right on their mobile screen.

Therefore, we have enabled our system in a way that helps the instructors to deliver everything on the device that their audience carries – iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.

LMS Features

Dashboard provides quick navigation to some of the most useful reports and activities that a user can carry out in the system.

This feature enables the LMS to have subscription based courses within the system. A student can subscribe to a class or course from the system; and all the track of the subscriptions and cancellations can be observed from within the system itself.

Our brains crave for achievements, and gamifying the complete system is the easiest way to do it. OpenEduCat LMS system includes points, badges, activities and leaderboards that boost a user’s will to spend more time on the learning material and eventually climb the mastery mountain quickly.

One of the best way to promote efficient learning among students is by providing them the right set of content at the right time. OpenEduCat allows the scheduling and dripping of the content over a custom time period to make sure that a student is not overwhelmed with the information.

LMS Features

LMS built within OpenEduCat allows a rich and highly user-friendly experience to both corporates and educational institutes. The system digitizes every aspect of learning systems and hence makes it a reliable and quick process and system.

The LMS has the capability of recording and maintaining the logs and reports of all the enrollments, activities, and statistics of the students.Social Learning

Social Media has evolved to the next level and there is no reason why a LMS should not have a Social Learning platform of its own. The system has inbuilt modules which are rich enough to enable social learning in the realtime.

Synchronous Learning involves online studies through videoconferencing & it easily interact with students and their teachers and Asynchronous learning can be carried out even while the student is offline & it involves coursework delivered via web, email or posted on online forums.