What is the OpenEduCat?

  • As OpenEduCat is a comprehensive Open Source ERP solution for Educational institutes, it’s NOT JUST a student management system, but a complete package for serving different facets of school management. It is made with enterprise-grade ERP system tried and tested for a number of businesses -- now ready to serve educational institutes.

Who is the maker of OpenEduCat?

  • OpenEduCat is preliminary developed by Tech Receptives, a company fully focused on Open Source ERP solutions for businesses. Tech Receptives has already proven their talent by building and delivering complex ERP solutions for businesses. OpenEduCat is completely Open Source, which enables anyone to contribute to the platform. Until now, there are many contributions to the platform by contributors around the world.

What is the license cost of OpenEduCat?

  • OpenEduCat is a complete Open Source application following LGPL-3 and does not attract any licensing cost for the product.

Will I get the source code of OpenEduCat?

  • Yes, OpenEduCat source code is available to everyone. There is no need to make any purchases, contract or agreement to get the source code. You can just download it from GitHub OpenEducat

I want someone to help me with OpenEduCat installation and configuration. Who can help me?

  • You can opt for one of our support packages, mentioned here or you can contact our sales here. They’ll assign a right partner for your project and take the project forward to success.

OpenEduCat will run on which platform?

  • OpenEduCat is a platform-independent system, which means that it can run on Linux, Windows and any higher version of CentOS.

What is the technology that are used in OpenEduCat?

  • What is the technology that are used in OpenEduCat?
  • Python and PostgreSQL, both are free from any licensing terms, which makes them a perfect contender for building the application.


There are some features which are not according to my country’s educational system standard, what should I do?

  • Every country has different educational structure and standards that make them unique. At OpenEduCat, we understand the diversity and offers our customers the service to take it further with our support team. Our support team will understand your requirements and guide you in the right direction.

I have an idea that can improve the OpenEduCat application? Whom to contact and How to approach the situation?

  • Being Open Source, our main motive is to improve the application through suggestions from our customers and developers, who are interested in our platform. We welcome all the suggestion and invite you to invest in our platform through the GitHub platform.


What is OpenEduCat ? and how it is different from Odoo?

  • OpenEduCat is comprehensive Open Source ERP solution which is based on the Odoo. Hence, you can easily leverage all the features and functionality provided by Odoo.

Is OpenEduCat a fork of Odoo?

  • No, OpenEduCat is not at all a “fork” of Odoo. We love Odoo and we want to keep features and functionalities “based” on it. Technically, OpenEduCat is set of modules working together over Odoo.

Are other Odoo modules usable with OpenEduCat?

  • Yes, it is possible to use any other community or enterprise module with OpenEduCat. This is to make OpenEduCat as extensive as possible.

Can we use OpenEduCat with Odoo Enterprise?

  • Yes, you can use OpenEduCat with Odoo Enterprise.

Is there any Enterprise version of OpenEduCat?

  • Yes,  OpenEduCat do have an Enterprise version.

How does OpenEduCat makes money?

  • OpenEduCat is developed and funded by Tech Receptives. We sell different types of services over the platform, such as installation, maintenance, customization, migration, etc.