Why ERP Implementation Fail In Educational Institutes

Why ERP Implementation Fail In Educational Institutes
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Why ERP Implementation Fail In Educational Institutes


Schools and Colleges are focused on automation and hence try to implement an Educational ERP solution. The idea is right, but the execution is all that matters. If your institute is new to the ERP stuff, there are a lot of chances that your institute can find it difficult in ERP implementation and might fail in the process as well.

The real question still stands, why do ERP implementations or more specifically, school ERP implementation fails. We will try to provide a generalized list on why the implementation fails. And, if you really need to know the answer, go through the list and find it yourself.


The biggest mistake any school makes during the ERP implementation is having no clear objectives. ERP implementation is a gamer changer and requires a clear objective. No two different educational institutes are same and hence the objectives are different for different institutes.

Before the institute starts walking the path, they should be clear in what they want to achieve in a long run. Another important question that needs to be answered is the whether the institute needs an ERP in the first place. Once they are sure that they need ERP, they can proceed further.


ERP implementation is costly and it takes a real investment to get it running. Even after it is implemented, the institute needs to keep spending for the maintenance, training, and modifications. It is just like any human being. It requires constant attention and effort. But many schools fails to understand the simple concept and only invest a little, making the ERP fail in a long run.

Also, low-cost budget limits the implementation and hinders the functionality of the ERP being implemented.

User Training

People resist change and when an institute brings in the ERP, people are scared. To make the change management work, user training needs to be done properly. Without proper user training, the ERP is doomed to be a failure. Users need to operate the system at hand and their expertise is needed to improve efficiency and productivity at workplace.

Change Management

With User training discuss, comes the change management. User training is just one aspect of the change management and the institute should plan how the whole organization will cope with the change. With the optimal change, the institute will be ready for the change and improve on it in future.

Project Management

Another big reason why the ERP implementation fails is because of poor management. Without proper management, the ERP implementation is doomed to fail. There are both micro and macro aspects of the ERP implementation that needs to be handled. If you are not focused on the right aspects of the implementation such as scheduling, testing, communication, the project can easily fail. A good management team can make sure that the project is on the right tracks.


Data is crucial for any institute. Data migration is a process by which the institute can take care of all the previous data in the new ERP system. If the data migration is not successful, the institute risks losing data, eventually leading to failure.

Technical Difficulties

Technical difficulties can make the institute ignore critical problems. For a proper implementation, all the technical difficulties should be handled head-on.

Education ERP for Institutes is a tough job. The above points look at the ways any institute can fail in ERP implementation. If you want to know more about ERP implementation and how to complete it successfully, contact us.