The role of Information technology in current education

The role of Information technology in current education
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The role of Information technology in current education


Information Technology is changing the whole world around us. And, the impact has been positive until now. Education, on the other hand, is utilizing what technology has to offer. For example, technology can be used to teach children and other needed persons in remote or village areas.

Not only the rural areas can benefit from the technology advancement and use, our advanced classroom also sees an improvement over the old ways of teaching.

Technology has really made everyone's life around us great. Every stakeholder is benefited from the advancement and today we will discuss the uses of information technology in education.

The above question can also be translated to how information technology is changing education and in a right direction.

Without wasting much time, let's find out the use of information technology in education.

The Process of Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is important for any student to retain knowledge, facts, and information. As teachers and professors have limited time and cannot attend after schools finish, technology can help them send learning material and exercises through the Internet or any 3rd party system such as OpenEduCat. Students, on the other hand, can start learning from the material and submit exercises through the system.

All time access to Learning Material

With the advent of the Internet, tons of information and knowledge are available on the Internet. Students can get access to the information whenever they want and can learn without any problem. They can also easily supplement the learning process with the help of other materials or videos which are easily available on the Internet.

Videos and Audio material

The Internet has brought many people together. Students are benefited with video and audio materials that can be provided by the teachers or other 3rd party websites. Demonstrating becomes easy for the teacher and it helps students to learn easily. Current education lacks the practical implementation and the video/audio material tries to fill the gap with the help of technology.

Knowledge Sharing

The biggest advantage of technology is the fact that students from a different geographical region can share their knowledge, have discussions and engage in a thoughtful manner. The barriers of religion, landscape and any other barrier stand no chance in front of the on-line platform sharing. Students can also easily learn the cultural aspect of other students without a need for traveling to their place.

On-line Courses

Distance is the biggest barrier in reaching new demographics and providing education to under-privileged or other needy people/students. With on-line courses, many elite websites are already making a statement. For example, students can easily access on-line courses with the help of Udacity, Coursera, Edx and other on-line learning platforms. Khan Academy is also one of the popular platforms for learning.

Tracking everything

Students improve through time and it is necessary to monitor their growth with the help of technology. School ERP takes care of all the exams, results and other important metrics. Most of the processes are automated and even teachers or admin don't have to invest a lot of time in generating reports.

Wrapping Up

Technology has really improved the educational landscape. It can be learning on-line using Massive Open On-line Courses platform or collaborating with the fellow members.