The Best Open Source School Administration Software

The Best Open Source School Administration Software
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The Best Open Source School Administration Software


ERP for school is in the news lately. The demand for open source school administration software was always there. With time, more and more schools are looking for Open Source ERP for education. Using an ERP, makes school more efficient and enables administrators to capitalize on the centralized management. Even with so many benefits, it is tough for invest so much on a paid ERP. For that sole reason, open source is created.

Schools can use open source solution and easily jump on the bandwagon of ERP without any investment. Today, we will list the best 6 free and open source school administration software aka ERP solutions. So, why the wait? Let's get started.

1. OpenEduCat

Our next open source administrative solution(ERP) is OpenEduCat. OpenEduCat is a perfect example of open source ERP for schools. It is a fully functional ERP solution with a focus on usability. It is a completely open source with no limitation.

The core of OpenEduCat supports every single aspect of a school. It includes faculty, students, enrollment, course, exam, finance, etc. Moreover, you will get an essential all the features and functionality that Odoo supports. OpenEduCat is created using the world's best open source business solution, Odoo.

The only limitation of using OpenEduCat is its implementation complexity. For proper implementation, either the IT team should be extremely skillful or the school needs to OpenEduCat team to implement the system on their school premises.

2. OpenSis Community

OpenSis is a well known open source solution for schools. It is basically designed to work at the K-12 level. The software is well made and fits the requirement of both small and medium scale school. The only requirement is a well-trained IT staff team to implement OpenSis.

If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to check out the free version. They also provide a paid version if you are interested. The free version can be used for maintaining the attendance, transcripts, scheduling, custom reports, etc.

The only disadvantage of using the software is the heavy dependence on PostgreSQL. No doubt, it will require a good IT team to make it working. Also, the free version of the software doesn't have support for state reporting, billing etc.

3. Fedena

Just like OpenEduCat, Fedena is an open-source administrative software solution. The solution works by recording every single piece of information that you might want from the record.

Fedora has an excellent administrative solution with a focus on both the administrator and the students. It is built using the popular Ruby on Rails framework. With Fedora, your school can easily manage finance, examination, calendar or other important aspects of school management.

The biggest disadvantage of Fedena free version is its limitation. Comparing both the free and the paid version reveals that the free version is extremely limited including a custom report, registration inventory, etc.

4. SchoolTool

SchoolTool is the next contender in our best free school administrative tool. SchoolTool is a cloud-based solution. For small schools, the tool can do almost everything you can ask for. It includes classroom management, organization features, great calendar, and an awesome report generation tool. The software is created using Python.

SchoolTool can be a great software for schools, but it is not really in the realms of the complete solution. the tool lacks HR capabilities, financial management, and key reporting features. If you are only looking for a SchoolTool for teachers, then this is a great software.

5. School Time

School Time is created for primary level schools. The free version of the School Time can only work on a minute amount of student and it is not enterprise ready. If you are running an elementary school, the software is for you. The software comes with features such as transportation, management, attendance, grading system, library databases, board management, etc.

The biggest disadvantage of School Time is its non-scalability. The limit can be dampening for medium to large schools. To get rid of the limitation, the school needs to be upgraded to the paid version. But, that negates the meaning of open source tag.

6. Fekara

Our last open source solution for school management is Fekara. Fekara has some serious limitation. It can only be used to 50 students and works on the same ground as that of School Time.

The advantages of Fekara is the clean interface. It also offers great functionality that revolves around exams, administration, and finance. It can also be used with remote devices such as smartphones. Clearly, the downside is the limitation. To remove the limit, you need to upgrade or get the paid subscription. The pricing is diversified as you can pay according to the student pricing model, data storage, increase bandwidth or payment per month.


I hope you liked the top 6 school administration software for schools. The term is also associated as ERP for schools. Many schools are moving towards automating their system, enabling them to get hold of their work process.Other platforms also have the capacity to handle the school requirement but are seriously limited by the free version. In contrast, OpenEduCat is completely opensource.