OpenEduCat Release 9.0

OpenEduCat Release 9.0
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OpenEduCat Release 9.0


At OpenEduCat, we love bringing new changes to the market. The idea of constant learning is highly celebrated within our organization and that's we work hard to release the version 9.0 of OpenEduCat.

The OpenEduCat 9.0 offers new changes. The changes are discussed below:

AGPL-3 To LGPL-3: Until now, we have used AGPL-3 license for OpenEduCat. But it had some serious limitations. To make sure that the limitations are removed and OpenEduCat can be used without any problems, we changed our licensing terms to LGPL-3. You can read about LGPL-3 here.

More Adaptable To Diversified Educational Institutes: We love feedback and one of the most sought change in our OpenEduCat software is the way we handle the courses and batches. The new version 9.0 includes a better way of handling the generalized structure of course and batches and will enable the educational institute to implement them with more ease.

More Restructured Modules: Modularity has always been our advantage. As we love to make continuous improvements, we managed to reintroduce restructured modules -- creating new modules with less coupling and enabling educational institutes to utilize the better functionality with more precise modules selection.

With the release of OpenEduCat 9.0, many bugs are fixed for improved usability. Our aim is to improve OpenEduCat with each release, and fixing bugs does makes us improve it. Usability is also an important metric that we want to improve with each release.

The new release is also compatible with the Odoo version 9.0. This means that Odoo modules work with OpenEduCat with no or little modifications. With Odoo v9.0 compatibility, users can easily use the power of Odoo in their educational ERP software, OpenEduCat.

OpenEduCat aims to improve the educational ERP softwares. With this release, we can aim to improve the whole ecosystem and also incorporate the changes in demand of the educational institute around the world.

You can always try your hands on a demo system available on :