Open Source Softwares In Education

Open Source Softwares In Education
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Open Source Softwares In Education


Today educational institutions flourished and reached at a size just like big enterprises. Partial or total commercialization of education is witnesses around the globe. Like business enterprise they have to be student-centric. In due course they need to provide latest infrastructural facilities, high quality of learning, broad spectrum of courses, parent satisfaction, recruitment of talented faculty at high salary packages and competitive fee structure. Therefore, they strive to strike a balance between resources and requirements. To achieve such balance they have to reduce non-academic staff by automation of their entire process and that is possible only with the help of IT. They started explore the IT solutions in 90s, but were not sufficient to give perfect solutions with minimal financial resources. In 2ks invention of open source offers them a breath taking relief, especially OpenEduCat ERP has eased their problems at greater degree by:

Offering modular base system which establishes a collaborative platform for all components of institute

Paper work becomes obsolete so process becomes rapid and comfortable

Interaction and communication increased many fold between departments and with society/parents

Everything becomes transparent that improves the image of institute

Faculties and students become responsible towards their goal that result in to overall improvement in quality of education

And many more…

You may say that these all possible with a good proprietary system so why opensource?

No license fee: That means no initial investment that sucks the lots of valuable bucks. No annual pays or pay in name of upgrades.

Greater degree of flexibility: Since source code is available a good developer can customize solution at any extent and find freedom to use 3rd parties assistance in form of plug-ins, extensions, components, etc. if any developer from open source community creates new tools you can implement them in your system for free.

No interruption in services: Open source provider never thinks of vendor block because there is huge community of open source exists to offer helping hand and some are doing voluntarily through forums, etc.

Constant improvement: Since all open source licenses compel open source community to share or distribute their improvements in source code and add in its upgrades. This extensive collaboration ensures the constant improvement in products. Despite such some march of open source usage in education field is impressive and may continue due to constant efforts of open source community.