How to Harness the Power of built-in CRM of OpenEduCat for offering Students best of Courses?

How to Harness the Power of built-in CRM of OpenEduCat for offering Students best of Courses?
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How to Harness the Power of built-in CRM of OpenEduCat for offering Students best of Courses?


Ever reasoned with your administration over the importance of CRM systems in education? Many believe CRMs power businesses and have no work whatsoever in education. However, that’s not true.

The education systems, especially higher education is experiencing a transformation that is vocal and observable, in the way they act, react and respond to the staff, students, their guardians and finally the alumni of the school or college. They are the clients of the education system, and it has become inevitable for the system to pay attention to them, and maintain a relationship by being proactive. To meet the changing needs of the clients, they need to possess an intelligent CRM that will not only offer better interaction but also cater to the demands of the clients proactively.

CRM systems such as OpenEduCat hold the key to automating the processes. The information of each potential client i.e. the student is stored in the CRM, and the information is passed through apt channels to the sales team to get it converted. The customer interactions happening at all levels are stored in a single place.

In the case of an educational institute, the CRM also functions as an ERP system, opening its wings towards offering automation of processes other than sales.

Let’s see how CRM helps each vertical of the education system

Tracking your customer

For the sales department, it has become easy to monitor and convert a student using the CRM systems. For one, the CRM systems help you through every stage of customer conversion, making it easy for you to keep a watch on what’s happening and ultimately predict what will happen next.

When a potential student shows interest and seeks your brochure, you can easily send it through the CRM, making your institute efficient, and showcasing proactivity. This will help engage the students, and win them over.

Helps in enrolment

It works in getting the best students onboard. The admission and registration process has been automated owing to the CRM. The admissions are more planned, and you know how many seats are remaining with the CRM. The data is directly pulled in by the CRM, making admission planning and management easy and efficient. The integrated communication and document management is another benefit of having CRM during enrolment.

Centrally managed

Admin work becomes easy by having a CRM by the side. Right from admissions to class & exam information to attendance details, everything is stored within the CRM. You can retrieve it at the right time, thus maintaining transparency throughout the system.

In fact, the administration can even manage the staff, their availability, scheduling lectures, managing the timetable and ensuring the changes get communicated to the students through CRM. The whole system becomes very efficient and interactive.

Sharing Courses

If you want to share your classes online through videos, then the content can be written, edited and shared with your online students through CRM. You can even enable real-time chats and other elements of learning with the CRM.

Many CRM systems such as OpenEduCat offer promising CRM solutions to manage your institute and make it proactive & efficient.