Education ERP for School Oppurtunities, Challenges and New Players

Education ERP for School Oppurtunities, Challenges and New Players
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Education ERP for School Oppurtunities, Challenges and New Players


Engaging students are one of the biggest challenges for the schools, but nowadays, the schools must focus on creating a centralized ERP system to control the different parts of the school section.

Schools are becoming complex with each passing day. The inclusion of technology in the class environment also makes it hard for the schools to handle the environment effectively. All the changes require ERP solutions to manage effectively.

Education ERP for schools is now on a full swing across India and global marketplace. The sole reason for the wide adoption of school ERP is the need for streamlining the different activities of the various departments to a centralized approach. With ERP, the work-flow of each department is captured correctly and managed with high accuracy. For example, if any data is changed over a single department, it will be reflected correctly in the other departments database as well.

There are many examples of the how schools are adopting ERP solutions. One of the prime examples is OpenEduCat, an educational ERP solution for schools. It is received well by the market and the critics and is penetrating market faster than expected.

Another notable ERP solution is Advaita, which is still in development phase. The SAP ERP project is targeted to take care of all the end-to-end life cycle management, just like OpenEduCat.

The World Is Moving Towards Digitization.

Every sector in the market is hit hard by the technological trends that keep evolving each single day. There is a buzz in school market and everything you can think off right now. With businesses, evolving, it is hard for the one single ERP solution maker to keep a track of the requirement of the different sectors. And, this gives a proper chance to the startup ecosystem to take control of the opportunity.

Big players such as Microsoft, SAP, etc. are really not making much from the current situation in the market. The diverse needs of the schools are the main reason why players such as OpenEduCat holds the key. Another key player in the market is Next Education ERP solution, which also offers a great school ERP solution.

ERP solutions are also a big plus for schools as they help in making big decisions in the highly competitive market. Complete control over the day to day activity and the ability to generate insightful reports is undoubtedly the way to achieve a competitive edge.

OpenEduCat, for example, offers different types of modules for managing the different activities of the school. It offers features such as hostel management, transportation, library, events, examination, and anything you can throw at it.

How Startups are Cashing in the Opportunities?

India lately is one of the big markets for startups. The opportunities, funds, and the talent are all available in the market. Many big schools such as Army Public school, Universal Education Group has already started using Education school ERP solution.

A large number of players in the market results in different product and price range.

OpenEduCat is a cloud-based ERP solution, which is helping many schools to leverage the internal working capabilities, enabling them to grow beyond the current boundaries. Other key players in the startup market are School-pad, Appliance, etc.

There is still a lot of space for the new emerging players as there are large numbers of schools who have not yet implemented ERP or has wrongly implemented ERP solution.

What are the Challenges?

With opportunities, comes challenges. The challenges for any school ERP solution is to cater their solution according to the school's requirement. For schools, it is hard to figure out the requirements. Training of the staff is yet another challenge for the schools. The staff doesn't want to change their regular work-flow and hence oppress to new systems. A good training is required to make them embrace the new school ERP system.

The challenges of education verticals are different and hence need to be worked upon separately. One more challenge is the lack of infrastructure to manage the ERP system. ERP systems are costly and hence many schools don't want to adopt them.

With so many challenges, the ERP solution providers need to keep a tab on how to manage them and at the same time figure out how to make the school ERP solution better for the future. The market is booming with so many players and it is best that survives.

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