Benefits of School ERP to different stakeholders

Benefits of School ERP to different stakeholders
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Benefits of School ERP to different stakeholders


There are many benefits of using School ERP System. Slowly, but steadily, educational institutes are transforming themselves with the power of automation and improving their day to day functionality. Current schools are getting complex each day and there are many tasks that need to be carried out. The tasks are boring and hence require automation. Current Student Information System is also capable of capturing the student information and enabling everyone to focus on growth and expansion.

Educational ERP offers great value for the investment and there are more benefits of the system if implemented correctly. All the processes, departments, functions come under one control, improving the management efficiency and collaboration.

Normally, any ERP system is built keeping multiple stakeholders in mind. Educational ERP is no different. It has something for every stakeholder. Let's take a look at the benefits of ERP system on different stakeholders.

Principal and School Management

  • Report creation becomes easy. The day-to-day activities can easily be covered in the report creation. Students also get to know their reports generated by the system.
  • Updates and other details of different departments can easily be gathered from the system.
  • Email and SMS to parents and staff can easily be automated.
  • Data is more secure.
  • Cash Flow, Budgets, payroll, etc. can be done from a single platform.

  • Students can easily engage in on-line discussions. This helps them understand the material and also take help of both teachers and fellow classmates.
  • Students can easily see necessary details,s library catalogs, class routines, projects, assignments, etc. This way they don't lose track of their studies.
  • Students can view exam schedule and can also get access to results.

  • Parents can easily view the progress of their children with the help of children's report cards.s
  • They can connect with teachers and ask them any direct question regarding the student's studies or can ask a teacher for special request.
  • Parents can submit the education fees on-line.
  • Parents periodically receive any updates or emails from the system.

  • Teachers are benefited with the help of easy lesson creation tools or plans.
  • They can further check the knowledge of the students by conducting tests.
  • They can also monitor each student's performance and mentor him/her if needed.
  • Assignments, projects, and home tasks can easily be added to the student's portal.
  • All the necessary study material can be upload to the system
The above benefits showcase how ERP software transforms the life of the school stakeholders. It also improves the life of accountants and back office administrators. Schools that are located under different locations can collaborate easily.

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