All you need to know about barcode technology in OpenEduCat

All you need to know about barcode technology in OpenEduCat
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All you need to know about barcode technology in OpenEduCat


Barcode Integration? What is barcode? How does it work? There are so many questions that surround barcode integration and today we will go through some intricacies of barcode integration in OpenEduCat.

What are barcodes?

For the naive, it is important to understand what barcode really is. Barcode is a modern way of encoding information on an item with visual patterns. The visual patterns can be read by the optical scanner and hence is a great way to transfer information in seconds. The bar codes type used are 2D and linear and the barcode is drawn using the black and white bars of different widths scattered around to create a pattern for the easy scanning.

Linear bar code is mainly used on books, whereas the QR code is used on different types of complex items.

What makes them useful?

The notion of capturing information and transferring it using the bar code scanner is what makes them useful in the longer run. The items using the bar code technology are easier to track and hence offers great productivity for the retail stores or inventory management teams.

How well OpenEduCat is equipped with bar code technology?

Bar code integration is a necessity for any modern organization including institutes. OpenEduCat comes with all the necessary support for the bar code technology. This will help institutions to manage their library efficiently and effectively.

The bar code integration works out of the box and there is no configuration required to make it work. The support for both regular barcode reader with USB and Bluetooth are supported. OpenEduCat also offers customization if you require so.

How does the barcode reader works with OpenEduCat?

Using a barcode reader is easy. The Barcode reader can be used in the following case:

•    Add a new book.

•    Check the availability of the book.

•    Issue Book.

•    Returning a book.

Benefits of using barcode reader for your library

There are many benefits of using the barcode reader. Let us discuss some of the most important ones below:

•    With the barcode reader, staff workload will be decreased to substantial levels.

•    No errors during information entry into the system.

•    Faster rate of checking-in and checking-out items.

•    Stock verification can be done easily.

•    Less staff/time usage leads to the more profitability.

•    Save tons of time, which can be used in other productive work.

At OpenEduCat, we focus on technology that makes the life of the institutions easy. Our barcode technology works out of the box. If you have any questions, don't forget to contact us at