7 ERP Implementation Tips for Schools and Colleges

7 ERP Implementation Tips for Schools and Colleges
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7 ERP Implementation Tips for Schools and Colleges


Education Institutes are growing at a rapid pace. With the growth, there are new schools who are engaged in using the ERP system for their school or college. New users or implementation are always tricky and that’s why today we will list the 7 ERP implementation tips for the college or school.

Certain trick are required to really master the Open Source ERP Education Solution and we will go through these one by one.  Let’s start.

  1. Training is one of the vital steps in using the School ERP Management system. Without correct training, using the ERP system to benefit would be tough and non-productive. So, it is always a better idea to train the teachers and staffs accordingly. If the training is done properly, they can easily understand the full power of the ERP solution. OpenEduCat offers great training material and you should check them out.
  2. Change management is an important part of any organization, be it school or a college. The reason is to handle changes accordingly and with crash courses in change management, the school can use the ERP software to maximum effect.
  3. Trends change so does market. And, it brings us to the 3rd tip. The school or college should always be wary about the changes in the trends in the market. With trends changing more rapidly in the education sector, it is always a good idea for the educational institutes to research before implementing any change.
  4. Many Educational institutes are accustomed to the old way of handling their work. To make sure that they understand the benefits of an ERP, the stage-based implementation should be done. This can make them reap benefits more than the one-time installation process.
  5. Reward systems should be in place for teachers and staffs who do well using the ERP software. This will bring other teachers or staff to use the system effectively and look for the reward.
  6. Understanding the budget of your school or college is important and that’s why it is always better to have a road map for the future. This will make things easy and won’t affect the school’s budget at all.
  7. Creating team for accomplishing different tasks is important. To do so always try to make a team of best teachers or staffs and allocate them important projects. Also, reward them if the project is done successfully.