5 reasons why schools should make use of an ERP

5 reasons why schools should make use of an ERP
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5 reasons why schools should make use of an ERP


              There was a time when education and educational institutes were simple and straight forward. Those times just had enough data to be recorded and saved in the form of papers and files.

              However, the recent developments in technology and educational setup and sector, schools and colleges have been forced to take the help of specialized software to manage, protect and find the appropriate data at the appropriate time.

              Considering, this giant leap that the data of the educational institutes has taken, it is not only a recommendation but also a necessity to employ a good ERP solution to manage the information of students, staff, management and what not.Today, we are going to talk about 5 reasons why schools should make use of an ERP.

              1. Better organization

              Again, the data being transmitted in the educational institutions has grown by several folds in a very short time. Sadly, the management has been poor and staff has always faced delays and a lot of troubles in finding and maintaining the files and papers. An ERP in such a situation not only decreases the paperwork to almost zero but also helps an organization to fetch the data on demand, quickly!

              2. Cost Effective

              If you consider the time, effort and money that goes into maintaining the data in the form of hard copies like papers, books and files, the cost of implementing an ERP is much lower. An ERP does not consume any physical storage space, it is safe from the physical damage caused by unwanted elements like environment and insects and also, using an ERP ensures that the workforce and the man hours spent in managing and retrieving data is reduced to minimal.

              3. Automated Administration

              While the world is discussing automation and artificial intelligence so brightly, why should educational institutes be left behind? Not implementing an ERP only assures that the decision makers will have to browse through thousands of papers before taking a discussion or concluding something.

              This means that everything, right from declaring the results of the exams to issuing a notice to the students, everything has to be done manually. With an ERP in place, results can be declared in a matter of few minutes and notices can be sent to each and every student on their mail ensuring that nobody is left uninformed. Automation helps us to take better and quicker decisions, with minimum human involvement. An ERP is an educational institute’s shortcut to better decision making.

              4. Quicker Response

              It has been observed that educational institutes take several days to weeks to respond to a simple request. This is mostly due to the fact that these organizations lack data management which eventually translates to slower response.

              Now, if an organization employs an ERP, the data practically stays in front of the eyes of the operator at all times and any kind of decision or information retrieval can be carried out almost instantly.

              5. Complex Calculations Abilities

              There are several decisions and calculations that require a lot of analysis and human effort. For example, if you wish retrieve the grades of a few students of a class for last 3 years; manually, you would have to browse through several sheets of papers before coming to a conclusion. Whereas in the case where an ERP has been employed, all you need to do is run a few queries and the results will be on the screen in less than a minute.

              ERP are not just for financial or banking sector. Any kind of organization including the educational ones that has an overwhelming volume of data to be managed can use an ERP to make their life simpler and better.