4 Top Open Source School Management System and ERP

4 Top Open Source School Management System and ERP
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4 Top Open Source School Management System and ERP


ERP for Education is gaining traction all over the world. ERP offer centralized control over the enterprise. It can be school, college, organization or any institute. Today, we will discuss ERP solution as the best student information system available. Also, our focus will be only on the open source solutions. Open source is the primary factor why innovation is taking place in the industry. More and more developers are contributing to the open source scene making it a great ecosystem for everyone.

Without much ado, let's get started with the best open source school management system and ERP solution available on the market.

Best Open Source ERP for School


OpenEduCat is a new entrant in the open source school management system/ERP for school category. It is a complete open source solution with a focus on providing all the features with no paid version. It comes with features such as classroom management, financial management, library management and much more. You can also generate excellent reports by using the system. Overall, it is a perfect open source solution that every school should use. The ERP system is developed using Python, JavaScript, and XML. It is a fork of Odoo, a business solution suite for the businesses. The fork makes it easy for schools to utilize the Odoo modules for their purposes. Customization is also easy compared to other open source ERP solutions for school.

The open source tag enables you to download and use the ERP without any consent or to license. The only requirement for operating the system is to have a strong IT team that can handle the ERP on the daily purpose. If you don't have a strong IT team, you can hire the OpenEducat team to manage the ERP solution for you.


Fedena is yet another open source solution for grabs. It comes with tons of features including proper administration, financial management, human resources. The solution is created using Ruby on Rails. The platform supports tons of modules, but the free version of the platform limits to some extent.

To make proper use of Fedena, you need to purchase the paid version of the platform. For new or elementary schools, the free version can work just fine.

It can support every single aspect of the school including employees, teachers, students, parents and other significant stakeholders.


OpenSis is also a well-known entity in the student management system. For the uninitiated, it is available in three editions. The three versions include district, school, and community. With tons of feature, it can handle any school requirement entirely.

If you want the best for your school, OpenSis is a good choice. It offers health records, grade book, scheduling, contact information, transcripts, security, etc.


OpenSchool is our next entry in the list. It is an excellent solution for schools who are looking to automate their school processes. With four different edition, OpenSchool enables the school to choose their product accordingly. The four versions include community, professional with fee, OEM, and premium.

The community edition is a good choice for small or medium level schools, but it lacks important functionality compared to other three versions. The community edition comes with five core modules and can be used to create unlimited courses, batches, and students. Check out the whole feature list and different versions here.


It is evident that the market is full of excellent open source solutions for school. Even though some of them are open source, most of them are not focused on complete free to use the platform. They come in paid versions and for utilizing the capabilities, the school needs to spend on the solution.

In contrast, OpenEduCat offers the whole platform for free. The only limitation associated with OpenEduCat is its complexity. If you are going to use OpenEduCat, you need to have a strong IT team or hire the implementation team from OpenEducat.

Do, let us know what you think of the open source platforms listed above. We will love hearing your opinion on open source education solution.